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FREL is the electronic journal of the ALAES (Association des linguistes anglicistes de l'enseignement supérieur, French Society for English Linguistics).

FREL publishes work on all domains of English linguistics (Syntax, Semantics, Morphology, Phonology, Phonetics, Discourse structure, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Diachrony, Acquisition, ...), with a requirement that contributions provide strong descriptive and empirical content as well as an analysis informed by a solid knowledge of current linguistic theory. It is indeed striking that, despite the fact that English is the most intensely studied human language, numerous phenomena have never been adequately described, let alone analyzed, even in such central domains as syntax and semantics.
Contributions from all theoretical frameworks are welcome. However theoretical tools and concepts should be kept to the minimum necessary to convey precisely the nature of the analysis of the empirical phenomena. Authors should strive to make their papers readable by a wide variety of English linguistics specialists and convey their results so as to make them relevant to as wide an audience as possible.
Contributions must be written in English. They will be reviewed anonymously by an international editorial board. Alongside full-length articles, the journal also welcomes squibs and remarks and replies.


ALAES: Association des Linguistes anglicistes de l'enseignement supérieur

Executive officers: Philip Miller, Université Paris Diderot, president
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Lionel Dufaye, Université de Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, vice-president
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Christelle Lacassain-Lagoin, Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, managing editor
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Catherine Chauvin, Université de Lorraine à Nancy, managing editor
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