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Submitting a paper to FREL for refereeing

Authors should submit an anonymous electronic copy of their paper to the managing editors:

The paper should be a .pdf file e-mail attachment. The e-mail message must include (i) the name(s) of the author(s) and full contact details; in case there is more than one author, the first author (or author to whom correspondence should be addressed) should be specified; (ii) the full title of the paper; (iii) an abstract of up to 200 words summarising the content of the paper. All papers will normally be read by two anonymous referees. Abstracts are sent to potential referees and the published version of an article always includes an abstract.

For the purpose of refereeing, an article should be anonymous. This means that the name(s) and address(es) of the author(s) should not be included in the file and that, as far as possible, the author(s) should not be identifiable from the references in the text and the acknowledgements. The file itself should not reveal the author’s identity through the information that may be present in the file’s ‘Properties’ (to be found under the ‘File’ menu in MS Word and in Acrobat) accessed from within the file.

The format of the manuscript at this stage need not be fully in agreement with the FREL style sheet but should be referee-friendly. The text should be generally double-spaced, with page numbers in the top right corner of every page. All tables, figures and diagrams should be within the main body of the text, and any footnotes should be at the bottom of the relevant page (i.e. footnotes, not endnotes). Footnotes, tables, figures and diagrams should be single-spaced and not interrupted by a page break.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY PAPERS OF NO MORE THAN 60,DOUBLE-SPACED PAGES, INCLUDING REFERENCES AND FOOTNOTES, BUT EXCLUDING POSSIBLE APPENDICES (E.G. CONTAINING FURTHER DATA), SHOULD NORMALLY BE SUBMITTED FOR CONSIDERATION FOR PUBLICATION IN FREL. This applies to new submissions, papers revised and resubmitted after refereeing, and final versions of papers accepted for publication. If a longer manuscript is submitted for some particular reason, the covering letter/e-mail must include a note making a case for an exception to this limit.


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